First Nations Graduate CircleThe First Nations Graduate Circle (FNGC) is an organization of American Indian graduate and professional students at UNC-Chapel Hill. The organization provides advocacy, support, professional development, mentoring and social functions to American Indians across campus.

Some of our important activities include get-togethers for members, special events that coincide with American Indian Heritage Month (November), involvement in and support of the development of American Indian studies in many University disciplines, and a listserv through which FNGC members can learn more about local and national issues affecting American Indian.


Historical Trauma and Healing:  Fourth Annual Native Leaders Symposium

The symposium will give the students at Carolina an opportunity to see firsthand how modern Indian Nations work, foster dialogue about current challenges and goals for Native communities, and give tribal leaders the opportunity to discuss issues and develop relationships with other Native leaders.  Panelists will discuss contemporary and historical efforts that Indigenous peoples in the U.S. have made to heal from historical trauma.  The keynote speaker is Amanda Blackhorse (Diné). Amanda is the lead plaintiff in the case Blackhorse v. Pro-Football, Inc, which sought to cancel the federal registrations of the NFL team, the Washington R*dsk*ns.

Event details and schedule

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