The First Nations Graduate Circle is dedicated to and is working towards

  1. ensuring that our cultural heritage is recognized and respected at UNC through appropriate curriculum, research, and administrative support
  2. increasing the support for American Indian recruitment and retention
  3. increasing the visibility of Native culture on campus by helping to build the American Indian Studies program, increasing Native faculty and staff at UNC, and hosting cultural events

FNGC, in conjunction with the UNC-CH Graduate School, is also increasing its efforts to work with other American Indian student organizations on and off campus to build a stronger and more cohesive Native community.

FNGC works toward educating members of the Carolina community about not only our North Carolina Native communities, but also about the unique cultural heritage of Natives from all over the United States and Canada. Some of the organization’s goals are to provide mentoring and support to Native undergraduates, sponsor lectures and other events related to the academic and professional accomplishments of American Indians, and work toward making American Indians a more visible and active presence on the UNC campus at Chapel Hill.